Hello. My name is Diana Leeper.  I am a 31-year-old blogger from Australia.I enjoy riding a bike, yoga and playing piano. I am considerate and brave, but can also be very cowardly and a bit unkind.

About me

I was born and raised in Australia and I have a degree in social psychology. Physically, I am in pretty good shape. I  am average-height with chocolate skin, grey hair and green eyes. I grew up in a working class neighbourhood. I was raisedin a happy family home with two loving parents. I am currently single. My most recent romance was with a personal trainer called Josephine Irene Barker, who was the same age as me. We broke up because Josephine wanted somebody who understands her more. My best friend am a scientific researcher called Cody Adam. We are inseparable. I also hangs around with Dennam Hill and Linda Maxwell. We enjoy playing pocker once in a while together.

About the blog

I started the blog because I am a big fan of jazz music, and particularly I was a big fan of Willie Peckens. He recently passed away and losing a role model felt almost like losing a family member. My goal is to gather other fans of this great musician in one place. I also like reading about jazz history and the musical theory behind jazz, so you will also find articles about that too.

You can always find me here or on my social media. And yes, I’m gay.